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Listener Support

The all-volunteer, commercial-free Sunday Oldies Jukebox depends on listener support to cover repair costs, transmitter tower leasing, streaming, and other operating expenses. Memberships expire at the start of our next Membership Drive (our bills all start over for another year!).

You can become a Supporting Member by using one of the following methods.   Membership levels remain at Basic ($50) and Premium ($75).

Online:  Consider the Membership Levels below, and click the appropriate Donate button. You'll be taken to our secure online pledge forms where you can donate using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

By Check:  Go to the Donate by Check section of this page, print and fill out the check Order Form, and mail it with your check to the indicated address.

The Sunday Oldies Jukebox is a volunteer, non-profit operation. Contributions are tax deductible. Memberships are good until our next Membership Drive.

Thanks for supporting the Sunday Oldies Jukebox!

Basic Membership ($50)
Membership Card Basic Membership ($50) Includes personalized Sunday Oldies Jukebox membership card, our new bright yellow "Fliegenklatsche" (fly swatter), and chances to win tickets to events and concerts throughout the year!

Premium Membership ($75)
2021 Premium Premium Membership ($75) includes all the goodies of a Basic Membership, plus the new Sunday Oldies Jukebox "25th Anniversary Commemorative Signature T-shirt", recognizing you as a 2022 Supporting Member.

NOTE: We've run out of Large T-shirts and are substituting the XL size. If the fit is not to your liking, let us know. We're working on ordering more Large shirts, but it may take some time.

Pick Your Own Amount
Pick Your Own Amount Help a little or help a lot. For $50 or more, you're eligible for ticket give-aways plus all the Basic Membership goodies. For $75 or more ... well, we gotcha covered.

Donate by Check
Donate by check
You can contribute directly by check at any time, in any amount. If you become a member at the $50, $75, or greater level, we'll send the matching Thank You gifts.
Please, do not send cash!
  1. Click here and print the order form. IF YOU CANNOT PRINT THE FORM, please include the requested information on a separate sheet.
  2. Fill out the order form so we can return your goodies.
  3. Make your check payable to: WSTB/Sunday Oldies Jukebox.
  4. Mail your check and order form to:

    Sunday Oldies Jukebox
    c/o WSTB Radio
    Attn: Membership Drive
    8585 State Route 14
    Streetsboro OH 44241

Rules governing Membership Drive contests, prizes, and eligibility.

Thanks for supporting the Sunday Oldies Jukebox!

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