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  Static Stickers, Magnets, and Other Goodies  
  Sticker StopsShow the world and your refrigerator that you love your Oldies, Commercial Free, on the Sunday Oldies Jukebox.
Stop at any of these convenient locations and pick up a GUNK-FREE static window sticker today:
  • Excalibur Collision, Inc.
    8987 State Route 14, Streetsboro, OH 44241  (330) 626-9995
  • Teresa's Pizza
    9525 Ohio 14, Streetsboro, OH 44241  (330) 422-0050
  • Teresa's Pizza
    11651 Ohio Route 44, Mantua, OH 44255  (330) 274-3000
  • Incomparable Style
    330 Darrow Road, Ellet, OH 44305   (330) 784-2504
  • StowNuts Donuts & Diner
    3055 Graham Road, Stow OH 44224  (330) 676-1300
  • The Peanut Shoppe
    203 S Main Street, Akron, OH 44308  (330) 376-7020
  • Square Records
    Highland Square, Akron
  • By Mail

  Static Sticker and Magnet by mailElvisSend us a pre-addressed stamped envelope and we'll send you a pair of static window stickers and a 'fridge magnet, absolutely FREE (except for the envelope and postage you coughed up).
Sunday Oldies Jukebox
c/o WSTB Radio
8585 State Route 14
Streetsboro OH 44241

Sticker ApplicationTo apply the Jukebox Static Sticker, peel away the paper backing and place the sticker on the INSIDE surface of your vehicle's windshield or side window. Slick, it is; sticky it ain't. See instructions on the back of the sticker for details.

Note: Please make sure you are applying the sticker to a LEGAL spot on a window. It's up to you.

Other GoodiesGoodiesHere's where you use the sticker. Be listening for Sticker Stop locations on Sundays in the summer. Drive over, display the sticker in the window of your car, and see what the Prize Guy is giving away. It ranges from T-shirts to tote bags to ... whatever we find in the closet. To spread the love around, please limit yourself to one prize per family per spotting season.
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