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Technical Details WSTB STREETSBORO OH US205A 88.9 MHz BLED950804KC
License Owner: Streetsboro City School District
Service Class: Full Service FM Station or Application
Effective Radiated Power: 675 Watts
Height above Avg. Terrain: 113.6 meters (373 feet)
Height above Ground Level: 105 meters (345 feet)
Height above Sea Level: 451.3 meters (1482 feet)
Antenna Pattern: Non-Directional
Transmitter Location: 41° 9' 4" N., 81° 20' 13" W.
Construction Permit Granted July 18 2003
Construction Permit Expires July 18 2006
Last FCC Update: July 18 2003

FCC Public Inspection FileView the FCC Public Inspection file for WSTB at

On the Fringe?External AntennaCheck our coverage map to see if you are within, or at least near, the blue fringe ring. If you are on the fringe, and if your radio or tuner has terminals to connect an external antenna, try connecting a TV or other external antenna, and then pointing the antenna at Kent, Ohio.

Try Streaming With WSTB's Streaming Audio, you can hear us via the internet using a computer or mobile device virtually anywhere you can find an Internet connection or WiFi "hot spot."
Sunday Oldies Jukebox  as heard on  WSTB Radio, 8585 State Route 14, Streetsboro, OH 44241
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