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Sticker StopsHere we are mid August and you still haven't cruised by Garry the Prize Guy and a Sticker Stop, but you've been meaning to. Well, summer won't wait. Be listeneing Sundays for when and where, and then fire up the daily driver and head on over. Need a sticker or refresher on how it's done? Just visit our Sticker Stop page.

Video of the Week

Frederick Lincoln "Link" Wray Jr. (May 2, 1929 -- Nov. 5, 2005) does "Rumble" live at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, November 19, 1974. Although starting out in country music, Link Wray is considered to be a pioneer of punk and heavy metal, with distortion, power chords, and a rebel personna to match. Video opens showing the bass player. Link doesn't appear on camera until 35 seconds in.

The Winterland, originally built as a roller skating rink in 1928, gained use as a music venue in 1966, which continued until it was torn down in 1985 and replaced by apartments.

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